COVID-19: Workplace control measures.

Now that it seems that Coronavirus is here and, unfortunately, will be around for a while, let’s talk about workplace control measures that companies should be implementing to reduce risks and problems with productivity. Three weeks ago, almost no company reported any impact on its activity due to Coronavirus. Now, almost 64% of the companies surveyed by i4cp report that COVID-19 has negatively affected their productivity. What can we do to minimize the impact of this outbreak?

– Provide disinfectant supplies (hand sanitizer, etc) in the workplace

– Ask employees to notify their supervisors/managers in case they exhibit symptoms compatible with the disease and stay at home if they are sick.

– Require a self-quarantine of any employees who have traveled to any areas of concern.

– Encouraging social distance for safety: No handshaking, hugging, kissing, etc.

– Reduce visits and external access to the workplace to the minimum.

– Mandating that employees work from home (if possible) in locations with verified cases of COVID-19

– Cancel external company-sponsored events, participation in conferences, seminars, etc.

– Minimize business travel. Try to encourage virtual meetings.